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Whether you're training AI, running simulations, rendering graphics, or discovering new uses for GPU compute, the Ibis platform solves your two biggest problems: cost and scaling.

Cost optimization

Our platform automatically minimizes spend on GPU time, selecting the cheapest and most efficient GPUs for your workload. We achieve cost savings no matter your compute profile or job needs.

Rapid Multicloud Deployment

Ibis enables rapid scaling across multiple cloud platforms, alongside powerful integrations with modern IaC tooling such as Terraform and Pulumi. We automatically find you maximum availability, so your workloads will always be running.

Hardware and Environment Optimization

Our software optimizes compute from the hardware level up, creating AI-powered profiles of compute needs to direct your workload to optimal hardware. We also provide the detailed feedback and tooling for experimentation that you need to iteratively optimize your code for efficiency.


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Ibis connects you to the entire universe of clouds, finding you the right hardware for optimal cost and performance

Deploy your workloads on the Ibis Platform

Ibis Platform

The Ibis Platform provides seamless, painless scaling of GPU compute workloads. We scan the entire universe of clouds to get you the right hardware at the best price, while providing deep integrations with open-source tools and IaC tooling. Ibis slots neatly into your existing devops setup, while adding powerful new features for integrated experimentation and optimization of your workflows.

  • Seamless multi-cloud deployment
  • Integrated open-source IaC tooling
  • Cost optimization
  • Automated experimentation
  • Hardware-targeted scaling
  • Iterative model feedback
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Sell your compute through the Ibis Platform

Ibis Colocation

Ibis offers bespoke colocation solutions in partnership with low-cost facilities, with options for proprietary performance enhancement features to optimize revenue from your GPUs. If you have unused GPUs in your cluster or are looking to improve on costs from colocated servers, Ibis is the solution to your needs.

  • Low-cost operation
  • Proprietary optimization software
  • Easy remote access
  • Options for Ibis R&D
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